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Selling your home just entered the future with MLS CBx


Find out the number of prospective buyers for your specific home in each region.

MLS CBx overrides traditional home valuation practices by using Big Data and analytics to customize price adjustments based on specific features and amenities. It also allows our manual input for each upgrade you have completed, or are thinking of completing, and assigns a value to each. 

Big Data is the processing of massive amounts of information to improve analysis. Now armed with deeper, and more accurate market knowledge, we can provide a more accurate home value and produce a detailed demographic breakdown of your Buyers Market by: age, income, family size and more...  We can also most accurately identify the top three geographic locations your most likely buyer will be moving from.

MLS CBx Seller Input

Receive your: Big Data Home Valuation Report, Market Report specific to your home details and geographic location, and your Buyer Demographic Report revealing your homes buyer-demographics and top three geographic areas your most likely buyer will be moving from.

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