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Property Valuation  -  CBx

How we value your home at a higher price

Selling a home just entered the future with the CBx App. It is the

most accurate way to value your home. It also uses exclusive Big Data information to target and reach your homes specific, buyers market.

What is CBx?

  1. Best Possible Home Valuation in the marketplace

  2. Buyer Identification

  3. Buyer Geographic Targets

What is Big Data?

The term 'Big Data' refers to the use of predictive analysis, user behavior analytics and other advanced analytic methods that extract value from data. This new data-ecosystem is advancing realtors, who integrate this data into their business services platform, with the ability to help their clients make smarter purchase and sale decisions. Saving our clients money is at the heart of Petronek Properties business practice.

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Best Possible Home Valuation

CBx uses Big Data sources to give us more extensive information on housing and home value trends in the greater Treasure Valley. Our Big Data sources allow us to make customized price adjustments based on your home’s amenities. The result achieves a supported highest listing price and

ability to reach your targeted buyers market.

Buyer Identification and

Geographic Targets

Big Data is the processing of massive amounts of information to improve analysis. We are able to provide you with a detailed demographic breakdown by age, income, family size and more. Using sources such as U.S. Census  Bureau, ESRI, Black Knight and more.  

We give you a precise snapshot of the prospective buyer of your home. And

identify the top three regions your

buyers will most likely be moving from.

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