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If you are interested in selling or purchasing Equine Property you

have come to the right place.

​Hello, I'm Brittany ~ I have been riding and competing in the equine arena throughout Idaho the past two 

decades, and I am a homeowner

of equine property. Full Bio.  

I can help you sell or find the right equine property to purchase whether you plan to ride on your property,

simply house your horses there,

or run a commercial facility.

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A Few Purchase Considerations


What are your long term objectives for this property? What do you think you might do with it? Choosing appropriately   sized acreage can be difficult. You might say to yourself 5-6 acres will do, but then decide you want to build an arena and you can not because you do not have the land base to do it. An extra acre or so can give you the flexibility to consider expansions down the road. Also, keep the cost of future plans in mind when determining your budget.  


Do not underestimate the importance of location when searching for your equine property. You can change the house or the barn later, but you cannot move the property. 

Your riding objective will also play a role in determining whether a location will work for you. If you are an avid trail rider, proximity to horse-friendly trail systems is important and you will probably want to avoid property on busy roads. 


Dry footing is of the utmost importance,

so look for property with good drainage. It can be costly to create well drained areas for animals. Land with a slight natural slope (around 2 - 5 percent) will usually drain well but still flat enough to be usable.


Good soil quality is crucial if you are going to be grazing your horses. Avoid rocky or clay based soils and go with the ones that are more productive for pasture land or for producing hay.


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